The Tenacious B

This site is for the Tenacious: those who refuse to let mental and physical illness keep them from living a life of wellness and joy.

My name is Meagan. I grew up in Minnesota, but now live in the Pacific Northwest. I am in my late twenties and just beginning to be open about my journey to maximize wellness and joy in my life in spite of mental and physical illness. My journey is personal. I believe there are many paths to wellness and joy. I hope to connect with others on their own journeys.

  • My Journey to Intuitive Eating
    The more I restricted, the more control I felt over myself and my mind. And if I could control myself and keep anxious thoughts at bay, that meant I was a good person and a good Christian not prone to overindulgence.
  • Searching for Grace in Illness
    When I get sick, my routine and practices are torn from me. I find myself lost without my predictable comforts. I am left alone with a body that aches from fighting the pathogen and a mind that begins to swirl with negative and anxious thoughts.
  • A Lesson in Humility
    My overconfidence got the best of me. I attempted to ski down the steep hill without knowing the proper technique. I went right into a snowbank.
  • Hello Pavement, My Old Friend
    All I can hear is the soft scratch of gravel below my feet as I move along the sidewalk. Cool, fresh air fills my lungs as I breath in and out in a quick but steady rhythm. My calves expand and contract with every step, delighted by the exertion, invigorated by the freedom. I was finally running outdoors once again.
  • When you Want to Quit
    I wish I could say that after a few days of reflection I have gotten over these feelings and have rebounded with confidence, but I haven’t. I wish I could say that I am looking forward to my next session, but I’m not. I’ve hit a wall, and I have a decision to make.
  • Reflections on Love
    Valentine’s Day is now a way for me to celebrate love in all its forms and a reminder that those we love deserve our attention and affection all year.

Comedy Corner

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face . . . You must do the thing you think you cannot do    

Eleanor roosevelt