Friday Check-In: The Start of Something New

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

At least until the stay-at-home order has been lifted, I will be posting an update each Friday. This will be a way to hold myself accountable to keeping up with my wellness practices at a time when I very much need them. For you my dear reader, I hope it will be a reminder to do the same. We are in this strange time together.

Getting outside: This week as been a blessing of sunny days. I am so thankful to have been able to go on runs and sit out on my balcony with my wonderful kitty. She teaches me to fully appreciate basking in the sun.

Exercise Videos: I found a 60min Vinyasa video for beginners that is easy to follow and adjust for your needs. I hope to do this video once a week to help me keep up with a consistent yoga practice. Check out the video here:

Connecting with family and friends: I will have a video call with some friends this weekend. It will be good to see their lovely faces.

Limit news viewing: I have been checking the news once in the morning to get a quick update on the latest news regarding the virus. I don’t read more than quick briefs.

Meditate at least once a day: Super grateful to have been able to do my morning meditations each day this week. Feeling a bit less scattered.

Read books that bring me joy: Just started a light, fun book with lots of beautiful descriptions of the Rocky Mountains for easy evening reading. Excited to dig into one of Ticht Nacht Han’s classics, “Living Buddha, Living Christ,” this weekend.

Let myself feel my emotions: I have spent more time away from screens and distractions and trying to tune into how I am feeling. I have often had a hard time realizing what my emotions are until they overwhelm me, but as I take the time it is slowly becoming easier. This week I am learning to accept my feelings of loneliness.

Keep up with therapy: Had a productive, if difficult session this week. I never want to do a session, but I always see the benefits after. I still have so much to learn about myself.

This time is not easy, but these little practices have brought me moments of peace and joy this week. I would love to hear about any new practices you have started since stay-at-home orders have been put in place that help you find your own joy.

Happy Friday!

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