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My routine brings me so much comfort. There are many things in life I cannot control, and that is easier for me to accept when I can establish a steady routine filled with the activities and practices that bring me joy and ease. It is not surprising that I find times like this, as weContinue reading “Transitions”

Friday Check-in: Rediscovering Loving Kindness Meditation

Loneliness does not occur just because one is alone. Loneliness occurs due to a feeling of disconnection. Even with the phone calls and video chats, I am still finding myself feeling disconnected from others. I can feel the anxiety and sadness that has gripped the common consciousness. I want to help, but I feel helpless.Continue reading “Friday Check-in: Rediscovering Loving Kindness Meditation”

What I Hope For

As a global community, we have been forced to slow down. Many are out of work, many have less work to do. Many have experienced illness and loss. We we all have seen the space we occupy in our daily lives become significantly smaller. This is so, so hard. There are innumerable sufferings occurring allContinue reading “What I Hope For”

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