Friday Check-In: What I am Thankful For

Another week of staying home is coming to an end, and it is still unclear when the stay-at-home order will be lifted. My anxiety and depression symptoms are still present, but they have eased a bit. I am learning to ride the waves of emotions that come with isolation. I have accepted that my lifeContinue reading “Friday Check-In: What I am Thankful For”

Friday Check-In: Important Reminders

There are good days and bad days. Sometimes I wake up feeling refreshed and optimistic about the day. Other times I wake up fatigued and full of dread of another full day at home. I am extremely fortunate. I have a paycheck, shelter, food, and medicine and I try my best not to complain. ButContinue reading “Friday Check-In: Important Reminders”

Friday Check-In: The Start of Something New

At least until the stay-at-home order has been lifted, I will be posting an update each Friday. This will be a way to hold myself accountable to keeping up with my wellness practices at a time when I very much need them. For you my dear reader, I hope it will be a reminder toContinue reading “Friday Check-In: The Start of Something New”