What Wellness and Joy Mean to Me


Freedom from anxiety, despair, agitation, restlessness, low self esteem, and physical illness


A foundation of love, connection, and confidence cultivated at the core of your being. Synonyms: God, Inner Peace, Contentment

This site will share the current practices I am building, the lessons I am learning, and reflect on prior experiences that lead me to where I am today on my journey to wellness and joy.

Wellness and joy became important to me after many years of being overcome by my anxiety and depression. I decided during a less depressed period that I no longer wanted to have to trudge through my days feeling tired, isolated, anxious, and despairing. No one deserves to feel this way, and I didn’t want obstacles such as illness and lack of wealth to keep me from finding practices that help me feel better.

My Practices

  • Movement of body through exercise and activity
  • Intuitive Eating
  • Meditation
  • Music
  • Art 
  • Humor
  • Reading and Learning 
  • Connecting with loved ones
  • Connecting with animals
  • Connecting with the community 

Notes on Wellness and Joy

I do not believe that you need to spend lots of money in order to find wellness and joy. I believe in common sense, science, and trial and error. Be open to new things, but try not to fall for gimmicks. Do your research (make sure to check the source!) and be honest with yourself about whether or something is working for you.

Joy is not happiness. Happiness is an emotion; powerful, but fleeting. Joy is something to cultivate at your center that provides you with a foundation of love, connection and confidence. Joy is not affected by the positive and negative emotions of everyday life. This does not mean you repress these emotions. Instead, having joy cultivated at your core provides you the safety to feel all things completely with the confidence that joy is a part of you unaffected by emotion.

The willingness to be compassionate with yourself and flexible with goals is important on a journey toward wellness and joy. Many factors are beyond your control. There are plenty of times when you are unable to perform beneficial practices due external influences. Or, you may be able to follow your practices, but still enter an anxious state, a depressed mood, and/or become ill.  During these times, strive to accept the situation with equanimity. By doing so, you release yourself from the pressure of perfection by taking a hearty dose of compassion. This retains joy even if you are not “well” and serves as a reminder that the definition of what it means to be “well” must remain flexible.

The most important practice is to accept that doing the best you can with your current abilities and resources is enough. However you are now is enough. You are worthy of your own unique form of wellness and joy. Wellness and joy may never be obtained to your satisfaction. This is okay. Obtaining wellness and joy is a lifelong journey, and venturing on the journey is in itself a victory.

Why I Created this Site

This site has become one of my practices on my journey to wellness and joy with the hope of deepening connection to myself and others. I will strive to be honest and authentic. I will share if I make a mistake, change my mind, and will strive to never display myself as other than the completely average person I am. I do not want to convince others to follow my journey, but will be open up to those who are also open. Join me on this journey if you want, or feel free to step away. I wish you all the best on your unique path.

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.


It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

J. K. Rowling

A flower blossoms for its own joy

Oscar Wilde

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